Thursday, March 18, 2010

Work File

03-18-10 Work File

In the early part of this century, I used to make CD-R’s titled “Work” and “File”. Usually, the idea was to make a CD-R of something not already on CD, from a phonograph record. I made 10 volumes titled “File” and 6 volumes titled “Work” – no idea why I discontinued the series (about 2004). Some of you reading this may have been recipients of some of these volumes.

The other evening, I took a look at these CD-R’s and made a 2CD “Best Of” my “Work” and “File” series. Quite a bit of stuff from these series have seen legit issue on CD, so my “Best Of” does not contain any of those tracks.


Ira Ironstrings

Cliff Nobles

Blue Murder

The Living Strings

L.M. Special

The Leisure Process

Bernard “Pretty” Purdie

Buddy Morrow

King Curtis

Lavvi Ebbel

David & The Giants

Manfred Mann

The Mothmen

Neil Christian

Paul Kelly

Don & Dewey

The Lemon Pipers

The Pressure Cooker

King Curtis

Bob Jung

Jay Alanski


A Caus Des Garcons

Bob Kuban

Rotary Connection

The Two Of Clubs

Strawberry Alarm Clock

Lonzo & Oscar

Clear Light


Jacky & Lio

Bobby Cristo & The Rebels

Mike Melvoin

101 Strings

Hal Willis

The Headless Chicklens

Van Dyke Parks

Caterina Valente

Frank Cully

Sounds Incorporated

Arif Mardin

Tommy Ridgeley

The Barrow Poets

Emer Kenny

Presse Papier

Box Of Frogs (with Ian Dury)

That Petrol Emotion

The Unifics

Wild Willy Barrett

Baja Marimba Band

Pee Wee King

Lucas Trouble

The Modernaires

Pau Riba

The Dusk ‘Til Daen Orchestra

Chagrin D’Amour

Clyde Borly & His Percussions

Peanut Butter Wolf

The Waikikis

Animals and Men

So, basically these volumes are like taking a stroll through my record collection. Lots of Europop, some C&W, some ancient R&B, lots of 45’s – only 1 cut from a CD master – Emer Kenny’s cover version of The Stranglers’ “Golden Brown”, which I always found to be terribly perverse.

So – Contest Time! Easy if I ever sent you any of these volumes…name the song I picked for:

Manfred Mann or That Petrol Emotion

…and a copy of my 2CD “Best Of the Work and File Series” will be winging it’s way to you ASAP. All responses in the comments – earliest response with the correct answer wins.


Brian Ware said...

I have several of your Work volumes. Those two artists don't appear on the ones I have, but I do have the RonKon party mix discs which I still listen to when I want to relive that magical weekend. Manfred Mann was represented by "Tango Tengo" and That Petrol Emotion by "Big Decision".

Ron Kane said...

Brian Ware = winner!