Friday, March 26, 2010

Making a Lot of CD-R’s Lately


Making a Lot of CD-R’s Lately

For whatever reason, my CD burner has decided to work decidedly faster than it used to lately – frequently reaching speeds of 31x speed. So, I only used to be able to burn 5 or 6 a night, as it took such a long time. On a recent day, I burned a full wallet of 24 titles.

As I have sometimes said, this is how I listen to my CD collection – in my Suzuki. Each weekend has a drive to and from Los Angeles – on my way to Dorothy and back. Prime listening time! Also, we do listen to music together, when driving all over Southern California.

We can listen to a lot of the same stuff, too. I do make discs without regard to what I think she will think of it, because I know a lot of the time I am alone in the car (or with Joe-san, who doesn’t care too much what is played). I do not bombard her with Frank Zappa or British jazz. And I do sometimes try to think of what she might like to hear (or not object to).

I have such a long history of girlfriends / ex-wife who do / did not share my musical tastes. I still maintain that there are no female Stump fans. And it is my experience that Elvis Costello must have a predominantly female fanbase. Yes, I know male E.C. fans – several of them. I gave Dorothy whatever Elvis Costello pieces that I had in my collection – a “Veronica” UK 3” CD Single – and a ton of his music videos.

I have sometimes had the idea that I should make more compilation CD-R’s and actually get rid of some of my CD’s. I actually feel like the days are numbered for CD’s, so not planning on getting rid of anything other than duplicates or stuff I bought to re-sell. What happens when everything is Down-load only? Yuck.

So, I make a lot of CD’s to play in my Suzuki. I also want to have my old Sony MiniDisc installed (mainly for the ability to play MDLP discs).

Just the other day, Dorothy & I were talking about the old cassette Walkman. I distinctly remember sitting on trains in Europe, wearing my headphones proudly – listening to then-new Frank Zappa double LP’s on cassette. I remember buying both a TCS-310 recording Walkman and an ECM-99 condenser microphone. The microphone was bigger than the Walkman! I could never get it into anywhere!


REVO said...

When things are download only, your collection will be worthless, because it has no physical form. AND you can't re-sell it. The license you agreed to in buying it in the first place specifically prohibits that.

But the inevitable future is even more dire than downloaded music. It's music in "the cloud" that you can't own; you can only pay a fee to access it. Every song ever recorded for whatever they deign to charge per month. Stop paying this tithe to the recording industry? Then stop being able to hear music of you own choosing. This is the new industry wet dream. Apart from finding new ways to treat the talent like the chattel they are.

Ron Kane said...

Not looking fwd to when things are "download only". There's so much to the physical form of phonograph records (and even CD's) that can be of interest to collectors.

Brian Ware said...

It can be argued that the current generation of music fans will get exactly the storage formats that they and their vapid music deserve. If popular music is just a product that is created and marketed like beer or shampoo (and just as disposable), then I reckon formless storage in the cloud is rather appropriate. It's going to be the future for movies, books, and video games as well.

The average 15 year old has no concept of "collectability". "Dude, you flick the on switch and music plays, so what's the problem?"

Along with online banking, I consider home digital recording to be one of the greatest inventions of the last 20 years.

Ron Kane said...

I just wish there was a standardized digital recording format that everyone used - that wasn't your computer.