Friday, September 25, 2009


Playlist made on 9/23/09 – 9/24/09 vinyl

JEBADIAH – (Sing This Song) All Together (Stones song)

KINKS, THE – Ev’rybody’s Gonna Be Happy (on US "GH")

McCARTNEY, PAUL – Coming Up (Live at Glasgow) (45 incl in "McC II")

ROLLING STONES – Parachute Woman (mono)

JETHRO TULL – Jeffrey Goes To Leicester Square

ENTWISTLE, JOHN – Thinking It Over

HARRISON, MIKE – I Wanna Be Free (Spooky Tooth singer)

CAMPBELL, JIMMY – That’s Right That’s Me

BECK, JEFF – You Shook Me (feat. Rod Stewart)


WYATT, ROBERT – Amber & The Amberines

WORKING WEEK – Venceremos (We Will Win) (feat. Robert Wyatt)

SPIZZ ORBIT – Love Me Like A Rocket

PORK DUKES, THE – Let’s Spend The Night Together (Stones song)

CALE, JOHN – Graham Greene

DALTREY, ROGER – Waiting For A Friend (McVicar OST)

MASON, DAVE – Just A Song (Live)

JENSEN, DICK – I’m Good For You

SIMON & GARFUNKEL – Sounds Of Silence, The (“Weds. Morning 3AM” vers.)

STEWART, ROD – Mine For Me (P. McCartney song)

THREE DOG NIGHT – It Ain’t Easy (song found on "Ziggy Stardust")

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