Friday, September 18, 2009


9-18-09 Playlist

It took me over 3 weeks to finish this playlist!

Playlist #92 8/17/09 – 9/12/09 vinyl

CREAM, THE – Spoonful (Parts 1 & 2) this 45 is actually listed as “The Cream”, studio vers.!
THREE MAN ARMY – Polecat Woman (45)
BOXER – Hey Bulldog (Beatles cover vers.)
MR. WALKIE TALKIE – Be My Boogie Woogie Baby (German artist)
REDDING, OTIS – Hard To Handle (45)
ROLLING STONES – Let It Rock (Live, 3/71) (“Sticky Fingers” rare B-Side)
INGMAN, JORGEN – Tovarisch (Atco 45)
SPLIT ENZ – Lovey Dovey
TORNADOS – Ridin’ The Wind
SEBASTIAN, JOHN – Rainbows All Over Your Blues
COCKER, JOE – Delta Lady
WHO, THE – Sensation (“Tommy”)
SOPWITH CAMEL – Maybe In A Dream (from their debut album)
LOVE – Stephanie Knows Who
BEATLES – I Am The Walrus (“Rarities” vers.)
NICHOLSON, LEA – Lazy Afternoon (’76 Virgin UK 45)
SAILOR – Stiletto Heels (45)
SEVENTH WAVE – Metropolis (45)
INDOCHINE – 3e Sexe (45)
FOUNDATIONS – My Little Chickadee (45)
JAP, PHILIP – Ouija (A&M UK, produced by Trevor Horn)

This is part of my “100 Playlists” project – of which I am nearly finished. Anybody who would be curious to see what 100 of my playlists look like should contact me directly. Initially, I was using a random numbering system, but I went back and filled in the gaps. And I am almost all the way up to 100 playlists, using this exact formatting. I can print them as 100 separate playlists or I could drop them into an Excel spread sheet and alphabetize them…

This is how I listen to my record collection. This particular playlist has 23 tracks on it, so 100 of these are somewhere between 2,000 and 2,400 individual songs.

Sometimes it is easy to generate one of these – I do actually listen to everything as I dub it from vinyl to minidisk. Other times, I get stalled – and it takes 3 weeks to finish – like the one detailed above.

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