Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Viva Music Life #2

6-2-09 Viva Music Life #2

It’s always tempting to think I can try and stay out of record / book stores for a few weeks. This is good on two counts: I won’t spend as much money, and it’ll give store stock a while to change. I had a nice run through the Buena Park swap meet last Sunday, and I have some travel coming up in the not too distant future (2 x Zia Records in Las Vegas! Followed by visits to San Jose, Santa Cruz and San Francisco bay area).

But I can already think of an excuse to go to Record Surplus, in West L.A. – I need LP protective bags again! Yes, I bought some at the swap meet, but not enough (never enough?). I have LP inner-sleeves, re-sealable CD bags, and 45 bags – in plenty. But my everyday normal LP bags – I am fresh out. I have been bagging my LP collection for nearly 40 years now. Just about every LP / 12” I’ve ever bought since 1971 or so has been put in a protective plastic sleeve before it gets ‘put in the wall’. This way, stuff stays in nice condition.

Los Angeles has lost several of my favorite book stores – notably Dutton’s in Brentwood and Wilshire Books in Santa Monica. These days, it’s all down to either Book Soup in West Hollywood or Vroman’s in Pasadena. But weekend before last, I splurged on British music magazines at a Barnes & Noble store – “Prog Rock”, “Record Collector” (UK), “Mojo” and “Word” – because all had stories on Island Records’ 50th Anniversary. So, I do not feel like I have missed out on much lately. And I recently “subscribed” to Strange Days magazine, from the Kinokuniya bookstore in Little Tokyo, downtown L.A. – whenever I go down there, I always check and see if they have “Record Collectors” (JPN) magazine in stock.

My ‘mission’ since roughly February has been to find 45’s – it started by my GF spotting a 45 by A Certain Ratio that she didn’t recognize – and I haven’t looked back! I didn’t find any cool 45’s last weekend – is the ‘run’ over? It does seem to come and go…

I spent a lot of time during May ’09 playing records, making Playlists. Usually, I can fill an 80 minute Mini-disc in a single evening. In fact, I’ve been playing so much vinyl at home, I guess I should start thinking about getting a new stylus for my turntable – or even possibly the eventuality of getting a new turntable (maybe one of those funky USB ones).

I am going to be selling at the next Claremont record collector swap meet, in September. Six cartons of never-before-out stuff. Should be interesting. I always try to think of ways to shake it up. For instance, I won’t sell before the doors open to the general public. This always seems to grind the gears of some of the other dealers – which is just fine by me. Just LP’s this time – no CD’s, no 45’s.

So, this is the state of my “Music Life” on this gorgeous June, 2, 2009. Pictured is Strange Days magazine from Japan, Feb. '05 issue.


Anonymous said...

Wow! You squander valuable music money on magazines?!! I stopped when Q went beyond US$5 a copy. That would have been in... '92-3? I stopped buying books for the most part. I will drop coin for a select few tomes. I've bought maybe 1 per year in the last decade. But otherwise, that's what libraries are for! Space is limited! No room for books! In fact, I've sold off a lot of my books already to free up space. Valuable space for music! Remember - music is your best entertainment value!

Speaking of music and value, I've got another swap meet coming up this Sunday. The last one was insanely fantastic - new CD promos 6/$20!! And as usual, there's enough delightful vinyl to drive me insane. The last 2 Asheville swap meets are the best record shows I've attended since the early 90s in much larger cities. I suppose I'll post another video roundup for Club Revo ex post facto.

Ron Kane said...

Best of luck with your upcoming swap meet. I did fantastically well at the one in Buena Park last Sunday.

The Japanese magazines operate as Reference Materials for me. Absolutely invaluable.