Saturday, June 6, 2009


Vinyl playlist from last night

ZOMBIES – I Love You

YARDBIRDS – I’m Not Talking

WHO, THE – Seeker, The

VINEGAR JOE – Never Met A Dog

U.K. – In The Dead Of Night

TOMORROW – Real Life Permanent Dream

STREETWALKERS – Parisienne High Heels

RANDOM HOLDMontgomery Clift

PROCOL HARUM – Playmate Of The Mouth


NEW MUSIK – Back To Room One

MANZANERA, PHIL / 801 – Law And Order


KING, JONATHAN – Lazybones

JOHN, ELTON – Honey Roll

IT BITES – Sister Sarah

HARVEY, ALEX / S.A.H.B.Nightmare City

Concise British Alphabet, Reverse Order (Z – H, minus Q)

- Ron


chas_m said...

An excellent playlist!

I confess I'm not familiar with Vinegar Joe or Tomorrow, but the others are all good choices from those artists (I can't even recall the last time I heard "Honey Roll"!).

I cannot even imagine Ozzy next to New Musik in a sequence -- I hope it works for ya!

Anonymous said...

Re: Ozzy-New Musik

It would work if the Ozzy track in question is "Shake Your Head" by Was (Not Was), a wonderful synthpop confection with vox by The Ozz himself.

Ron Kane said...

Uh, Ozzy next to New Musik works, both are from 1980 - 1981, both are from England.

Vinegar Joe is Robert Palmer fronting a rock band, rather good, actually.

Tomorrow is UK '67 rock 'n' pop produced by Mark Wirtz, feat. Keith West on vocals and Steve Howe on guitar.

The Elton John "Friends" O.S.T. has 2 x killer EJ tracks, circa '70-'71: "Honey Roll" and "Can I Put You On?"


I don't have any Was Not Was at all. Never knew Ozzy worked with 'em.

Anonymous said...

Ozzy is on their 2nd LP "Born To Laugh At Tornados" along with Mitch Ryder, Doug Fieger and Mel Tormé. The 1992 version featured Kim Basinger duetting with a re-recorded Ozzy and reached #4 in the UK charts when released as a single from their UK greatest hits LP. Either one's a synthpop classic thought the'82 version gets my nod for being more "contemporary."