Monday, November 2, 2009

Z: Zolar X

11-2-09 Z: Zolar X

After being challenged by reader Jim D. to end my alphabet with neither Frank Zappa or Hector Zazou, I offer up Zolar X – a band that never quite was…

Before there was punk rock, new wave, the 80’s or what have you…there was Zolar X. All of this would be from a hazy memory of having seen them and their car (which looked like a space ship) at Tower Records in Hollywood…about 1976. Think glam rock or even a US pub rock, but with full space suits on. This, as I said, would all have been from distant planetary memories, but…in one of the most useful things Jello Biafra has ever done – there is an Alternative Tentacles CD called “Timeless” by Zolar X that is for sale – on Earth, right now!

I don’t think they ever made any professional recordings, the AT CD sounds like fancy demos at best. They were what is often described as ”way ahead of their time”. From another planet, before Devo existed. Walking around Hollywood dressed like aliens all damned day. Always in character, to whoever they encountered. 24 hours a day.

It doesn’t even really matter if they were any good or not. You will either think this is the neatest things you’ve ever heard on this planet or…the lamest, trashiest, badly-played rock-n-roll…on this (or any other) planet. And I love songs with science fiction lyrics!

ZAP! You’ve been Zolarized!

Really should’ve posted this on Halloween, folks! Go ahead and Google them!


Anonymous said...

Ron - nice one!I remember reading about Zolar X several years ago but they had slipped my mind. Brilliant! You have to love people define a concept that is definitely "out there" and then live it 24 hours a day!

brazzz said...

ciao frommitaly..i was looking your blog and it's very interesting..i have a blog about music and cinema..if you want,take a look,maybe you'll find something cool..i grow up with zappa,wyatt and then with new wave,no wave..sorry for my english
roberto from italy