Thursday, November 12, 2009


11-12-09 Goodthunder

I’m writing about a fairly obscure record today. Way back in 1972, this LP was easy to find for under $1 – in practically any used LP bin in the Los Angeles area. It was on Elektra Records, had a good cover – and was produced by Paul A. Rothchild, the guy who produced the first 5 LP’s by The Doors (and made ‘em sound so good).

I did not recognize any members of the band as being from anyplace else. Many years later, I was told that the “Dana” in the ‘special thanks to’ on the back cover of the LP was, in fact, my good friend Dana Madore! I guess this band used to rehearse out near the Sunland / Tujunga area of the San Fernando Valley.

The guys in this band were: James Cahoon Lindsay (vocals and percussion), John Desautels (drums), David Hanson (guitar and vocals), Bill Rhodes (bass) and Wayne Cook (keyboards). A few years ago, I remember googling each and every single one of these guys and finding out that most of them had gone onto other things – like the bands L.A. Jets and 1994. I can’t find it now, but I seem to remember seeing a solo album by James Cahoon Lindsay, but…it was out of NYC, I think. No local distribution, probably.

When looking closer (at the lyrics sheet that was announced on the rear cover of th LP with “Lyrics Within”), I can also find the names Steven Foster, Greg Phifer, and Terry Linvill. Believe it not, there is a Wikipedia listing for both this band and their sole LP!

I’m mentioning all this today because Wounded Bird records has a legit re-issue of this obscure album on CD in 2009! This record definitely falls into the category: I never thought I would see a legit CD of this! I have seen this LP referred to as “U.S. progressive rock”, but I don’t completely agree with that description. To me, they just sound like a technically proficient hard rock band of the early 70’s whose sole LP is recorded beautifully and looks great (thanks to the Elektra Records art department, no doubt). I don’t think I ever saw this LP sell for more than $1 – and I am not even certain that I ever saw anything other than a white label promo LP for it. So, why’d they make a legit CD issue of this major label ‘failure’?

I’ve run into fans of this LP a few times over the years – but mostly I think it’s a “secret”. And as there isn’t a 2nd album – or anything else you can really link it to…it just sort of falls into the cracks of cosmic consciousness and…is…largely forgotten. Until 2009, that is. I heard about the Wounded Bird CD of it from Dana (of course!), so I went in search of it. Yep, it’s real. Wounded Bird strikes again! Better buy a copy of this now, before it is deleted forever. This one ain’t even a footnote in most rock music lexicon listings! But it does sound great, the songs are pretty good, the playing & production are top notch. I wish I could tell you to pick up the next 99 cent copy of this LP that you run across, but I guess that is fairly unlikely in 2009.

LP was Elektra Records EKS-75041, released 1972 (lyrics sheet included). CD is Wounded Bird, released 2009.


Jim said...

Absolutely buy any Wounded Bird CD reissues that interest you. They don't hang around all day waiting to be bought. The next thing you know they're OOP and scraping a C-note.

This sense of urgency should probably apply to all CDs at this point in time! It's the last call for music on a physical carrier medium.

buffalump said...

Just to let you know that the rare tax scam label Tiger Lily issued a now very rare and very short (22mins)album called Daddy Warbucks in 1976 which is supposedly Goodthunder under another name. There is a remake of the opening track of the Goodthunder album with a different tile and different lyrics as the last track on side one of D.W.Can be found as a Sendspace download if you google around under Daddy Warbucks.