Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day

11-11-09 Veteran’s Day

It’s Veteran’s Day in the US. No mail today, banks are closed etc. I get a day off from work. Both my dad and older brother were veterans. So…respect!

I am at home, helping my mom with stuff, running errands. Sifting through my blogs, trying to find topic worth writing about. I will not go up to L.A. and see Dorothy today – she’s off getting her hair done, anyway! And I’ll be up these next weekend (for her birthday!)

If I have an easy day, I’ll be able to get around to going through some phonograph records – checking the outer bags, maybe generating a playlist or something like it. I almost never sit down and watch TV when I have time off from work. Closest I get to that is dubbing a DVD-R of something from PBS to take up to Dorothy’s.

Over the last month or two, I have been doing some eBay auctions. The money is OK, but it’s a lot of work – writing descriptions, answering loads of questions, packaging and shipping stuff. Keeping track of everything.

If I can get enough cartons off of my back patio, I can empty out my storage unit! (But is the storage unit place open today? Must give ‘em a call…)

Once upon a time, I would’ve thought that if I had enough music to keep myself entertained, all the other problems would fade away. But I’m over 50 now. The problem remain, no matter how much music I listen to.

I am thankful for a day off from work.

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Anonymous said...

I haven't touched e-bay in over a year since my freelance gig became a steady dependable thing. I would have to be insane now to pour hours into e-bay that will profitably net me my hourly rate - guaranteed. I was selling our stuff sold off on auctions for a good seven years straight and I don't miss it at all.

When I get admin e-mails from e-bay it seems like they have taken all of the power and given it to the buyer, at the seller's expense. Not being able to rate the yo-yos who stiffed me would be massively unacceptable. And now I have to have enough money in my Paypal account to provide a refund on demand?!! Fuggit.

The proliferation of e-bay stores destroyed the core of the e-bay experience years ago, any way. Auctions have the x-factor that have the ability to "hook" bidders. Now, almost anything you'd care to flog is already in an e-bay store, which acts as a glass ceiling that limits the amount an item can sell for if there's one in a store somewhere.