Monday, July 6, 2009

Interesting Scenario

Interesting scenario

On Monday 7-6-09, I was at my office, when one of my co-workers called in to say that she had received a voucher for tickets to the Michael Jackson memorial. A few moments later, the fax machine came on, and a 3 page document printed out, with her name on it.

The catch: Document printed at 4:58pm, and per the instructions – tickets may be picked up at Dodger Stadium TODAY (7-6-09) 8:00am – 6:00pm. So, 62 minutes to get from Long Beach to Dodger Stadium at ‘rush hour’.

When my co-worker came into the office, I gave her my sagely advise, “Take the train!” – for the 7-7-09 memorial, as places around the Staples Center often charge $50 - $200 for parking during ‘big events’. I have no idea how she was going to get to Dodger Stadium in 62 minutes. She didn’t even know where Dodger Stadium was – I had to tell her.

Interesting that she entered her name into the ‘lottery’ to get the tickets, then the circumstances make it nearly impossible for her to get to the place where she can exchange the voucher for wristbands to obtain the actual tickets to the event.


Anonymous said...

So, they're having a public memorial (funeral?) for Michael Jackson? And there's a lottery to get picked for the possibility of a ticket?!?! And how much did your friend have to pay for this? And where are the proceeds going? And I can't imagine getting anywhere in Southern California at that hour.

That's too weird!

Ron Kane said...

Tickets were "no charge". Which does make wonder how it will all get paid for - taxpayers?

Happily, I will be at work while this circus unfolds.

Later today (tonight) - I will get to go see Yes @ Universal - passing nowhere near the MJ memorial.