Friday, June 25, 2010

Short Blog Hiatus


Short Blog Hiatus

My “Music Life” blog will now be taking a short hiatus. This will be my last posting until Tues. 7/6/10. Time for a little ‘vacation’. Dorothy & I will be going to Portland, OR for a few days; a nice city to visit.

We have been to Portland, OR on two previous occasions – in 2006 and again in 2008, for my 50th birthday – were you one of the people who attended “Ron-Kon”? RK50PDX808! If you were, you know that there are a plethora of record stores in the greater Portland area (“Everyday Music”, “Crossroads”, “Music Millennium” anybody?).

And I will get to catch up with old friends Ken H and Mark M – Mark lives near Portland in Vancouver, WA – and Ken will catch the train down from Seattle. Willamette River boat trip (Coast Guard approved!), Rose Garden, shopping / record stores, artisan pizza, $2 Tuesday @ The Mash Tun, Kennedy School etc. (I heard that the $2 Tuesdays are no more - but that they have a $2.50 happy hour most days)...

The first time we visited Portland, it was extremely hot – 100 degrees or more – so Portland remains a ‘hot’ place to visit, as far as I am concerned. In ’08, we ran into some August rainstorms, but – I kept expecting it to get hot. I’ve had my eye on the weather in Portland for a while now – it doesn’t look like we’re headed for a heat-wave this time!

I have really been a record collecting tourist in 2010 – with visits to Phoenix and the San Francisco bay area – specifically for record store shopping – let’s add San Diego and Portland to that list! My only other regular haunt that I’ve missed this year (so far) is Las Vegas!

On all of our visits, we have stayed at the Kennedy School, which is a property owned & operated by the McMenamin folks – there is a brewery in the hotel! We like the neighborhood around there – officially called “Concordia”, we have spent a lot of time wandering up and down Alberta Street – and enjoying coffee at Extracto on Killingsworth. I plan on introducing Dorothy to Stanich’s on this trip – I went there with 95% of my record collecting friends in 2008, and I think Dorothy will enjoy it’s burger & fries – and atmosphere!

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Brian Ware said...

We're finally home after an marathon trip to the Pacific Northwest. Visited Kenna's sister in Spokane (our first time there - cool town), a whirlwind sweep of Mt. Rainier, Port Angeles, Victoria to visit Chas & Heather, a couple of days in Portland to see our pals Wang Chung, and finally the magnificent Oregon Coast.

Kellan's into posters and LP covers for his bedroom decor and I was pleased we had the time for a quick visit to Millennium Music and one of the Everyday Music locations along with Victoria's fine stores with Chas.

We did a drive by of the Kennedy School and took Kellan to the donut shop on Alberta Street which he begged us to visit again. Lots of great memories of RONKON.

Had incredible weather the whole time until the last day when it climbed to the high 80s. Hope your weather will be pleasant.