Friday, June 11, 2010

The Method Actors


The Method Actors

It sure took a while – but there is now a legit CD of the music of The Method Actors, the seminal Athens, GA band. Ever hear ‘em? Really good stuff. A two-man band (guitar & drums, without a bass player) in 1980/1. Vic Varney and David Gamble.

“Rhythms Of You”, their 10” album is one of my all-time favorite records. Seriously. I was sent an advance cassette of it by Peter Dyer of Caroline Exports – Cameron Hand and I spent several months introducing ourselves to the wonders of European beer with “Rhythms Of You” as the soundtrack – work all week, get drunk on Friday Night…repeat process!

By the time The Method Actors came to L.A. – it was no longer the two-man version of the band. Damn! I never got to see the two-man version of the M.A.’s!

By the mid-80’s, I was listening to pretty much only New Zealand or French artists; the compact disc got introduced; I moved to England in 1990; got divorced; got a new gig, a new girlfriend (12+ years now!); like rolls on…and now there’s finally a CD of The Method Actors!

I remember being surprised that there were CD’s of Pylon, another great Athens, GA band! I also have a few B-52’s records / CD’s, I confess. But I never got as far as R.E.M. And a big shout out to Love Tractor!

I guess Vic Varney is still making music, releasing albums – but I have yet to hear any of it. So, where is David Gamble? When I wrote them a fan letter, it was Mr. Gamble who answered me (he is who is pictured on the cover of the CD).

I really did my best to tell everybody in the world that would listen to me that I loved this band. It got harder to do, once the records were all out of print. Yes, I have hoarded as many M.A.’s records as I could ever find! Did I ever tell you to listen to The Method Actors? Or did we just chuckle conspiratorially, both in on the ‘secret’?

A Method Actors CD has been on my “CD Want List” ever since I first made a “CD Want List” about 1986 or so. Seriously. So, thank you, Acute Records! And Thanks, Vic & David for making this music in the first place. And tell Peter Dyer thanks, too.

So, it’s Friday night, fire up your turntable or CD player and engage in the ritual of being glad it’s Friday night and that you don’t have to work tomorrow – so – let’s crank up The Method Actors again!

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