Thursday, January 14, 2010

Where did my hobby go?

1-14-10 Where did my hobby go?

…it was here just a minute ago!

I recently visited Singapore and Malaysia. In Kuala Lumpur, I went to Low Yat Plaza, the electronics mall. I did not see any CD players for sale. Looked to me like all the vendors wanted you to buy cell phones and lap tops – only.

There were lots of people in Ameoba Music in Hollywood, last time I was there. I am not the only one buying LP’s / CD’s, folks. It’s the usual equation: I have nearly 24,000 titles, yet have been on Earth less than 18,980 days. I do not plan on being around for another 18,980 days, much less 24,000 days. How to do this? (By “this”, I mean – life).

People are obviously still interested in, and enthusiastic about recorded music. So why is it so difficult to find a CD player for sale now? Has everyone really been duped into going the MP3 / MP4 route? And people used to complain to me about the “lossy compression” of Sony’s Minidisc!

I turned the TV off in ’98. Best decision I ever made. I have a DVD recorder with a massive hard disk, so that’s covered, if push came to shove. Oh, it doesn’t have a digital tuner, so I have to get broadcast signal from a small box. What about all those cartons of VHS / Betas / LD’s out in the garage?

I need to move some of this stuff onwards. Need to sell off some vinyl, CD’s. Need to get rid of my storage space (what’s in there, anyway?) I want to write a book, but the exact topic is still as yet undecided. I no longer want to open a brick ‘n’ mortar record store. I wouldn’t mind having an internet music store, selling physical product; not interested in the download business. eBay is tiresome, after you do enough of it.

Ticket prices to concerts seems unrealistic to me, at times. I will not argue over it, a live show is an excellent way for an artist to communicate with their audience. I haven’t been able to do any loud shows in some years now, unfortunately. For a guy who has seen John Cale a dozen or more times, this is profound. I simply can’t do “loud” anymore.

So, let me get this straight: I want to hear more music, but I want to own less music. I want to be able to record (recorded) music, in the format(s) of my choice – not be locked in to digital / MP3 / MP4. I want to see live music, but it can’t be too loud (who was it that said, “If it’s too loud, you’re too old”?)

Best thing I’ve heard lately: The Impressions, specifically the albums “This Is My Country (Curtom, 1968) and “Young Mods’ Forgotten Story” (Curtom, 1969). I bought a CD of these two albums (a nice Sequel UK 2-on-1 CD) and played it on my CD player. Curtis Mayfield sounded great. Makes me want to go out and find some more Impressions LP’s / CD’s.

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