Saturday, September 6, 2008

Charles Bukowski

I recently lucked into a 1st edition (1971, 2000 copies) 'Black Sparrow' Charles Bukowski book, "Post Office". I read it again over the last two nights. It's a very amusing book. It's rather difficult to find out about rare books; one auction site has it listed for $400 - $700. It's not a hard-cover, it's not signed - it's merely a 1st edition. The typesetting looks 'different' from the later editions, to me.

Anybody know anything about the possible sale of a 'rare' book? Rare phonograph records, I know about! But, books?

- Ron


chas_m said...

I couldn't tell you much about rare old books other than to consult with the folks at Powell's. I found a particularly rare book on my Nov 2007 visit to Portland.

It sounds like what you have is an original self-published Burkowski. Abe Books in London (another excellent site for rare books, has one listed for about £282, which would be $600US.

Ron Kane said...

I thought of Powell's, too.

I think it's not exactly "self-published", but rather the first (?) of the Black Sparrow (Buk) books, even before their move to Santa Barbara.