Friday, July 30, 2010

Blogging Anniversary


Blogging Anniversary

I began blogging approx. July 30, 2002. That means I have now finished 8 full years of blogging. This blog is in it’s 3rd incarnation. I think I’ll be keeping the Ronkanefiles for a while. During these eight years, I have only taken a small amount of time off from blogging.

The big differences between 2002 and now re: blogging: I can now post photos; you can tick a little box saying if you found the blog amusing, informative or pleasing; I can add ‘tags’ to my blogs, making them easier to find. Astonishingly enough, Blogger is still free-of-charge!

I may try to update my profile one day soon; I think the info on there is a few years old. Don’t worry, I’ll check it before I make any changes.

In the past, I have joked that I should change my blog to become a restaurant review or travel blog – but I’ll stick to music. Now that I am winding down my collecting, I may have some interesting new views on the music I love.

For me, the best part of the blogging experience has been the people who read my blog. Thanks for reading my stuff! Any requests? Anything special you want me to write about? Is there anything you’d like to see me re-run (or write anew about)?

Regular readers Chas & Jim have their own music blogs – I urge you to check ‘em out! (See the profile page, I think!)

When I started blogging, I think my first blog was me being somewhat dismissive about The Monkees. I have 3 x Monkees CD’s now, the first album, the soundtrack to “Head” and a latter-day “Best Of” (on Rhino). If you are not familiar with it, the original soundtrack for “Head” is an amazing piece of singer / songwriter genius meets commercial paid-for psychedelia. And you all know the hits!

I try to stay away from writing ‘bad reviews’ of artists I don’t particularly deal in. Something along the lines of “If I don’t have something intelligent to say…keep mouth shut”. It’s worked for me / us so far.

I went and saw Level 42 last night, with Joe. They were pretty darned good. The T-shirt was $25. It wasn’t ‘too loud’ of a show. The venue (“The Grove of Anaheim”) was OK – $10 to park my car, but at least it wasn’t ‘valet parking’. It was the first time I ever saw a parking stub for a venue printed with a band’s name on it!

So, on to “Year #9” for the Ronkanefiles!

I shall return on 8/11/10 – the day after my 52nd birthday (and a visit to San Francisco). Thanks for reading my stuff!

- Ron Kane


Anonymous said...

That was a pretty inexpensive night out for some top flight musicianship. Only the parking was onerous, and really, $10 is probably cheap for SoCal. How was the venue? Crowd? The last time I saw L42 was 1987 at the Ocean Center in Ratona Beach, opening for Tina Turner (whom we blew off).

Other youngsters in the front rows were holding up old Duran Duran posters which they had painted pro-L42 slogans on the backs of, much to our (and the band's) amusement. "It's Over" was the current single, so I got Mark King's autograph on it. What a powerful bass player. I was just re-listening to the tepid Midge Ure 1st solo album and King stole the show with his jaw-dropping solo on "The Chieftain."

Ron Kane said...

The venue is new-ish. The crowd was mostly 50+ (real VH-1 stuff). $10 is neither cheap nor inexpensive for SoCal. There are places we can park for free or $15. I will not usually use a valet - unless there's no other way. Mark King was excellent, as was Mr. Lindup, the keyboard player. Good drummer, too; though his name escapes me.

Anonymous said...

I see from the pix on the L42 website, The Grove of Anaheim looks like a nice Deco palace. Was it reclaimed and refurbished or is it a new faux-Deco building?

Ron Kane said...

It is a new faux-Deco building, in the parking lot of Angel Stadium, Anaheim, CA.

Mr. Gaulke said...

Happy Blogging Anniversary!!!

Hermeto Pascoal is playing a free concert at Lincoln Center this Friday with a NEU! offshoot opening...

Best Wishes,

Bob G

Ron Kane said...

Hermeto Pascoal live is not to be missed. When we saw him at UCLA, it was one of the best concerts I have ever seen, and I've seen a few!