Friday, July 9, 2010


This is what I looked like on July 9th, 2010.

Ron Kane, Long Beach, California, USA.

I was born in Long Beach, CA in 1958. I went to school here (Burroughs Elementary School, Hughes Junior High and Polytechnic High School; I did not attend CSULB or LBCC, though I tried!). I worked at Licorice Pizza Records in Bellflower, West Covina and Huntington Beach - I was hired by Mike McG in July, 1976). I also worked at Pizza's distributorship "Superior Music" in Glendale, CA. In the 1980's, I worked for Tony Harrington at USS&M in Studio City, CA - I ran Tony's "Mail-Order" company, ANZ Imports. I moved to England in 1990. After that, I lived in Amsterdam, Netherlands for the winters of 1991 and 1992. Upon returning to Los Angeles, I worked at both Bay Cities Disc and Poo Bah Record Shop (when it was on Walnut, in Pasadena).

Since 1979, I have traveled to England, Holland, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Finalnd and several other European countries. I started going to New Zealand in 1981. I started going to japan in 1994. I started going to Toronto, Ont. Canada in 2005. I started going to Portland, OR in 2006. I went to Phoenix, AZ for the first time this year, 2010. What did I do in all these places? I looked for records (music on LP or CD).

I have been patronizing Los Angeles area record stores for over 40 years. Wenzel's Music Town in Downey, Wallach's Music City in Lakewood, Licorice Pizza in downtown Long Beach, Platterpuss in Long Beach, Manhattan Beach, Santa Monica etc., Phineas on Anaheim in Long Beach, Mundae on the pier in Long Beach, Revolver Records on 4th St. in Long Beach, Larry's Records on 7th St. in Long Beach...Aron's Records on both Melrose and Highland, Rhino Records on both Westwood Blvd and Santa Monica Blvd., numerous Tower Records locations, Moby Disc on both Victory Blvd. and Ventura Blvd. in Van Nuys / Sherman Oaks, all 3 x Amoeba Records locations, starting with Berkeley, then S.F. then Hollywood - Streetlight Records on Bascom in San Jose...the list is nearly endless!

I had a band called The Decayes that was active from 1978 to 1983. We exist again in 2010, and I am busily looking for somebody to release our new album in the US. It's all done, I can deliver a 1630 master - you just have to pay for it.

I almost feel like I should shout out to all my friends - but - talk about a truly endless list. I don't want to feel like I left anyone out. Please feel welcome to deposit your presence in the comments section. And I don't really want to list all my ex-girlfriends (or ex-wife). You know who you are!

How did this end up being a 2010 C.V. for myself? I dunno...I started this all by taking a photo of myself to post in contrast to the 1978 portrait depicted below.


Brian Ware said...

Still here... still reading... still listening...

Who woulda thunk that answering that ANZ Imports advert 25 years ago would have started this amazing journey we've taken and continue to enjoy.

Once again, thanks...

dãm said...

So good to find you out here man. It's Damon (from Poo-Bah, Pasadena). I'll never forget you telling me about that I-Level "Give Me" video. Great stuff!
Well, I haven't stopped myself. Still knee deep in the music, as I see you are too. That's good. All the best to you man and good to see you out here.
Peace. - Damon bka DâM-FunK

Ron Kane said...

Yo, Damon!

So hip to see you on Stones Throw, which I always considered to be a top label in California!

Stay in touch, I will love to hear about your adventures in Europe!



Warren Bowman said...

Wow, who is that young guy in the picture?