Friday, May 28, 2010

Japanese Magazine List #2


Japanese Magazine List #2

Again, from (Japanese) Record Collector’s Magazine, May 2010 issue – “LP’s They Wish Were Re-issued As CD’s”:

Metro – New Love

Neil Young – Time Fades Away

Mark Wirtz Orchestra & Chorus – Come Back & Shake Me

David Stoughton – Transformer

Shiloh – self-titled

Pantera – I Am The Night

Attitudes – Good News

Christopher Kearney – Pemmican Stash

Les Mirabelles – Oeuvres Completes, Vol. 1

Jeremy’s Secret – The Snowball Effect

Beatles – At The Hollywood Bowl

Duncan Mackay – Score

Gloria Mundi – I, Individual

Ramblin’ Jack Elliott – Jack Elliott Sings

Crystals – Twist Uptown

Gino Cunico – self-titled

Thin Lizzy – The Continuing Saga of The Aging Orphans

Lyn Dobson – Jam Sandwich

Andrew Loog Oldham Orchestra – East Meets West

Albion Band – Light Shining

B.A. Robertson – Initial Success

Well, I would certainly buy Mark Wirtz, The Beatles, Duncan Mackay, Lyn Dobson and B.A. Robertson on CD! I think The Beatles LP is the only thing from this list that I actually own as an LP. I once owned the David Stoughton LP, but – it wasn’t anything special – and I off’d it because it fell outside of my then-interests. Same for the Gloria Mundi LP, I remember it – but – there was something un-hip about RCA new wave-era LP’s, and I don’t own many (any?) of ‘em.

Lyn Dobson is likely a decent 70’s British jazz / rock LP, so I would be curious to hear that. And I have been interested in B.A. Robertson for quite some time now – ever since finding the “Kool In The Kaftan” 45 (which the Japanese magazine compares to XTC!) about 1980 or so.

I wonder what it is that the Neil Young title never gets re-issued? I mean, now that he’s making giant boxed sets (I own “Archives Vol. 1”, 8CD set of N.Y. material).

A really excellent Japanese magazine list today, eh? Nice B&W cover shot of The Beatles, too. I guess Bob Dylan just played Japan again recently. Back on 6/1!

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REVO said...

Metro's New Love will be issued on REVO soon. Possibly as a quickie in between all ponderous BSOGs I'm doing this year. I'm also adding Peter Godwin's "Correspondence" to that shortlist.

As for Gloria Mundi, I do have some Eddie & Sunshine 45s but have never heard the early GM material. Come to think, I've never heard the Eddie & Sunshine 45s either! I bought them out of name recognition (they were in some way peripherally connected with Ultravox, I think) eight years ago and they have been unmolested ever since.

You're correct about RCA "New Wave." Not a label that seemed to get it fully, though I like Bow Bow Wow, Slow Children and Landscape. And they're all present on the nifty, atypical RCA New Wave comp "Blits." Off the top of my head, I can't think of many more in my collection. RCA lived off the fat of Elvis & Bowie for a mighty long time.