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Yesterday, “Time Machine” – today….time…

Where did all the time go? Have I really been walkin’ around here for 51+ years? There’s no time anymore…these days, I find I only really have time enough to listen to music in my car. Unlike some people, I do not want to listen to music at work.

Fortunately, work these days is only 32 hours a week (4 days) – but on my “off” time, it’s busy – running errands. And every weekend for over a decade, I spend time away from my home, with my GF up in Los Angeles. I can remember a lot of ‘times’…I can anticipate ‘time’…sort of useless to ponder ‘time’ – it will occur whether we want it to or not.

I’ve been blogging since July of 2002. This blog is in it’s 3rd incarnation. I would like to think I will keep it in it’s present form, “Music Life”, for as long as possible. ‘Cause that’s what I think I would like my life to be – a “Music Life”. Through music, I have found a path to my better self. It took me a while to realize that. Before it occurred to me, several friends suggested that to me.

I am always slightly amused by the thought of a man with a “Music Life” slowly becoming deaf – think Pete Townshend. And I thought I abused my hearing! Still, I’ve heard a lot of music; and even if I went deaf, I think I could still write about it.

My friends The Nits once had a song called “Tons of Ink” – “Tons of ink make millions think!” It’s true! At least I am not wasting any ink, having written all the stuff for the internet over the last 8.5 years. I used to sometimes generate a print-version of my music writing, but that has pretty stopped these days.

My catalogue swiftly approaches 25,000 titles. Damn. That’s a lot of titles. And I only just started trying Classical Music! Looks likely I am going to try and sell some more stuff, to try and keep the collection ‘down’ to 25,000 only. Can I do it? A lot of the time, I am presently replacing titles with new editions of the same titles (such as Japanese paper sleeve CD’s, or Super Audio CD’s) – and I don’t keep old editions of CD’s (except for Frank Zappa and a few select others). When will I have the time to get to everything?

I am interested in finding a way to re-vamp my collection – perhaps a different style of cataloguing? Different information? Well, with SACD’s, I can certainly do that – differentiating between hybrid and non-hybrid, multi-channel vs. stereo etc. I suppose I could merely add fields to my existing collection list. Hmmm…

Do you catalogue your music collection? What format do you use? I don’t even remember what format I started with, but it’s been in Excel for over a decade. My present computer is non-Mac, so I can’t really do any Mac applications. And I never got comfortable with Access. How much time have I got?

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