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Time Machine: 1969 #4

12-4-09 Time Machine: 1969 #4

I have been ‘reading’ the Japanese magazine “Strange Days” for all of 2009. A regular feature of this magazine has been “Time Machine – 40 Years Ago” – listing records all released in 1969.

Strange Days 2009.09 lists “July 1969 Albums” as Deep Purple “The Book Of Taliesyn” (Harvest UK SHVL 751), Pete Brown & The Battered Ornaments “A Meal You Can Shake Hands With In The Dark” (Harvest UK SHVL 752), Shirley & Dolly Collins “Anthems In Eden” (Harvest UK SHVL 754), Third Ear Band “Alchemy (Harvest UK SHVL 756), Edgar Broughton Band “Wasa Wasa” (Harvest UK SHVL 757), Pink Floyd “More” (Columbia UK SCX 6346), Yes – self-titled album (Atlantic UK 588 190), Jethro Tull “Stand Up” (Island/Chrysalis ILPS 9103) and The Iveys “Maybe Tomorrow” (Apple UK SAPCOR 8).

Harvest Records is in the house – yes, but I didn’t hear any of these in 1969 – it took until 1970 or so, when inexpensive US promo LP’s of these titles could be had. And we covered Pete Brown yesterday. I did not know Pink Floyd in 1969, it took Syd Barrett “The Madcap Laughs” to get me to go back and ‘discover’ P.F. I knew Jethro Tull from a Warner / Reprise loss-leader double sampler LP. I didn’t hear Yes for another year or two – and my introduction would’ve been “All Good People” on the FM radio. Didn’t even hear of or know The Iveys LP – they, of course, became Badfinger – but I still don’t think I’ve ever seen a real UK edition of The Iveys LP! I love The Iveys B-side “Her Daddy’s A Millionaire” (Apple 45) – but I didn’t get that for another 5 years!

Strange Days 2009.10 lists “August 1969 Albums” as Blind Faith – self-titled album (Polydor UK 583 059), Miles Davis “In A Silent Way” (CBS UK S 63630), The Nice – self-titled album (Immediate UK IMSP 026), Elvis Presley “From Elvis In Memphis” (RCA UK SF 8029), Ten Years After “Ssssh” (Deram SML 1052) and Canned Heat “Hallelujah” (Liberty LBS 83239).

Blind Faith had been written about and discussed, so I anticipated it vigorously. Miles Davis was definitely not on the screen for me in ’69. I don’t remember how I came to The Nice, but it certainly wasn’t with this particular album – can’t of heard ‘em until Emerson Lake & Palmer came along, a year or so into the future. Elvis Presley, to me, in 1969 was (and will always be) his “Shake Rattle & Roll” RCA EP from the 50’s. Was this the first TYA album that I got when it was new? Quite possibly… I had liked Canned Heat “Going Up The Country”, and indeed they got a good deal ‘more famous’ when Woodstock came along – and, yes, I knew who they were, but I was not buying Canned Heat LP’s in 1969. No way.

I distinctly remember writing to my brother and asking him what he thought about Blind Faith. Perhaps he thought this was unusual – his 11-year-old little brother writing to him about adult rock music? He answered me (he liked it) and he and I have always discussed music…ever since. I dedicate these lists of 1969 to my brother, Jim. He took my inquisitiveness seriously, and I began my life’s work (“music understanding”), thanks to him.

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