Monday, August 3, 2009

New Month

8-3-09 New Month

Ah, blogs for a new month. This is a busy month for me: My birthday is on the 10th, which I will spend in San Francisco (KUSF LP swap meet, Sun. Aug. 9). There is also a trip to San Diego planned. My band will reconvene towards the end of the month, with an eye towards completing our first LP in 25+ years.

And my work (livelihood) will change! I got “bumped” at work – someone took my job, and bumped me down to a job with less hours ( = less pay). The new office is even closer to my home, and with less ‘work’ hours, I will be home more (it’s lookin’ like a 4-day work week is in my future). I really hope my new-found “available time” can be constructively used towards cleaning my place up; get all of the LP’s filed etc. I have a storage locker to empty out, too!

I will be selling at the next Claremont, CA LP swap meet – Sunday, September 20th. I’ll be bringing 6 big cartons of LP’s that have never been out before at a swap meet. If you’re in Southern California, mark your calendars!

Last month, we were lucky enough to see both Grace Jones and Philip Glass – both at the Hollywood Bowl. It was the 2nd time this year that we’ve seen Philip Glass play live!

Starting to think about compiling some of my writing about music into Manuscript form. Yep, I’m thinking of writing a book about music, my relationship with ‘popular’ music, my path ‘through’ it, record collectors, record collecting etc. Whenever I’ve written “personal nostalgia” about looking for phonograph records in the late 60’s and early 70’s – it always seems to get a good reaction. Anybody know a good book publisher? Or it is time to talk Vanity Press book here?

I’ve written music blogs 5 days a week for 7 years now, almost without fail. Surely I can find the link between Hermeto Pascoal, Wayne Cochran, The Nits, Serge Gainsbourg, Toshio Nakanishi, Sean Kelly, Phil Judd, Sue Thompson, Black Randy, The Screamers, Hajime Tachibana, Lucio Battisti, Gilberto Gil, Murray Roman, Pete Brown, Horace Silver, Tot Taylor, Gruppo Sportivo, Don Bowman, Frank Zappa, The Bill Black Combo, Dave Dobbyn, Sammie America’s Gasphetti, Robert Wyatt, Hugh Hopper, Gaskin & Stewart, 10cc, Wally Badarou, A Certain Ratio, Roger Chapman, Sonny Clark, Slim Gaillard, The Doors, Sean Bonniwell, Floyd Cramer, Doug & Rusty Kershaw, Stan Freberg, The Firesign Theatre, Barry Humphries, Spike Milligan, Peter Cook, Harry Belafonte, Roland Bocquet, Lavvi Ebbel, Jim Pembroke, Adriano Celentano, Ian Dury, Mort Garson, Grace Jones, Philip Glass, Mary Hopkin, Jackie Lomax, Chet Baker, The Harmonicats, Procol Harum, Traffic, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Slade, Magazine, XTC, Ultravox (with John Foxx), Wire, Frazier Chorus, Blam Blam Blam, Machinations, I Am Joe’s Music (Fane Flaws), Pizzicato Five, Cornelius, Hideki Kaji, Yoshinori Sunahara, Y.M.O., Mute Beat, John Cale, Tortoise, Belle & Sebastian, The Gordons, Ivor Cutler, Lard Free, Nurse With Wound, Magma, Il Balletto Di Bronzo, Le Orme, Split Enz…

Pictured: '09 Island Box, 3CD, Universal UK

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